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When Flash Truck Lines was formed in 2004, we took more than 75 years of transportation experience and combined it with the newest innovations in logistics technology. A company was born that could meet the dry van transportation needs of the nation's top Corporations and shippers.

Since our inception we have been serving Fortune 500 companies, Government entities and small companies across the retail, manufacturing, and raw materials industries with great success. Whether you are in need of JIT truckload services, nationwide merchandise rollouts, freight analysis, or supply chain management--you can depend on Flash.


During the past year Flash Truck Lines continued its efforts in renewing our fleet of tractors and trailers. Several 2012 Model Food grade dry vans and late model class 8 tractors were purchased, making us more reliable & dependable trucking operation. Additional to this, our efforts in Green Technology have given the company an advantage in fuel efficiency, raising our current MPG by 10%. This was achieved by implementing Low rolling resistance tires, trailer skirts, tractor fairings, driver training & improved maintenance cycles.
Currently we serve the following industries:

  • Foodservice
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • House-wares
  • Plastics & Natural products



OUR GOAL: "To maintain a first-class relationship between Flash Truck Lines and its customers. Flash Truck Lines endeavors to provide on time delivery, safety and good communication to all its customers on a consistent basis. We really believe in putting our customers first "



Our Dispatch staff is headed by an experienced individual with 40 years of logistics experience. We have carefully trained our dispatchers to handle most situations that arise in the dynamic area of logistics. We base our routing on PC Miler 18® and use additional programs to prevent out of route miles and optimize the time your load gets to its destination.

The management team has been working together since 1991 and has the knowledge and experience to handle your needs in dry van transportation of goods.


Please view below our main business partners:

Flash DOT Services Corporation: A full service US DOT compliance consulting firm specializing in OTR operations and Hazardous Materials training. Our personnel are trained directly by the US DOT and have the experience to serve your needs in compliance issues. We have automated the process of hiring with driver qualification files and log auditing.

TexLab: A complete US DOT regulated drug and alcohol testing operation which offers online paperless reporting of results and third party administration (Consortia services) to local and regional customers in the USA and Mexico. Additionally we offer In-vitro administrative drug testing for Restaurants, Banks and Industry with the convenience of online paperless reporting.